Summer Tour 2018: New York to Vermont

I went on another morning bike ride, and did some yoga-ish stretching exercises by the frog pond while Dacey snoozed. (See the pattern here?) Later, while I was teleworking, Dacey took his Dad around shopping and running errands.

Collage: New Paltz

We hit the road in the the afternoon, and got up to Little River State Park (Waterbury, VT) in the early evening. I was delighted to find American Redstarts and a Blackburnian Warbler flitting about in the trees around our campsite. 

Our site was spacious with a beautiful view over the water. I set up our tent in the lean-to shelter, so I didn't have to put on the fly which, at this point, is no longer fully waterproof. Not that that even mattered, since the weather was perfect. We cooked dinner over the campfire, and listened to the haunting calls of a loon. (Turn the speakers way up and click on the video below to hear it, about 15 seconds in.)