Summer Tour 2018: R & R at Little River State Park

We had the full day off: no gig, no major driving. I woke up early to birdsong. Our campsite at Little River State Park was located on a bluff above the river, and the view of the mist rising off the waters brought tranquility to my soul. We had a relaxing breakfast, cooked on the campstove. After that we rode our bikes over to the head of the nature trail, and hiked the easy loop.Then we biked to another trailhead and hiked the more challenging loop. We had lunch back at the campsite, followed by a nap. Such luxury!

Collage: campsite and trails

In the afternoon we drove in to Stowe, and met up with Dacey's high school pal, Chris H., at the Alchemist Brewery. This place had a lot of interesting/weird/cool artwork on the walls, bathroom doors, and even on brewing tanks. We went for another drink at the Von Trapp Brewery, soaking in the intense late afternoon sun on the patio.

Chris came back to our campsite with us for dinner. We cooked everything over the open fire, and I burned my hands at least three times. Other than the burns it was a perfect day.

Collage: brewery art and campfire