Summer Tour 2018: Truro to Martha's Vineyard

After breakfast at the Peters', we packed up and drove to Woods Hole, and got to the Martha's Vineyard ferry with plenty of time to spare -  enough time to wander around in the drizzle, admire some ships, and commune with cute ducks.

We had expected a hassle with the bikes, because an employee on the phone had said that the ferry was fully booked and that they could not accommodate the extra length of the van with the bike rack on the back. She said we might have to take the whole rack off and wheel the bikes onto the boat separately. That would have been a major pain in the ass! But as it was, we just had to pay a little surcharge for the extra length. Much angst over nothing!

We got to Uncle Sam's in the late afternoon, and went to the beach despite the cool grey weather. Dacey and Sam both swam, whereas I ran off to huddle in the car during a downpour. In the evening we had a home cooked meal and great conversation with Sam.

Martha's Vineyard