Summer Tour 2019: Abandoned Building

We woke up in Sturbridge. Although the 45-minute drive seemed SO hard the night before, when we were really tired after our gig and a late dinner, in the morning we were thankful to wake up there. I did my morning yoga by the hotel pool, and Dacey came out a little later to enjoy the sun with me. We explored Old Sturbridge a bit, went on to Brimfield for a ginormous antique show, then played at the Abandoned Building Brewery in Easthampton, MA. We couldn't believe it: Jan and Scott actually showed up to see us again! Our pal Doug was there with a friend, and my old high school friend Anne and her husband Mark (not pictured) also brought some friends. So we had a good crowd and had a blast.

After the gig we went to Anne and Mark's house, where we were staying that night.