Summer Tour 2019: Camping on the Battenkill

No gig today, so we were free to hike. The place we planned to go was inaccessible; too many people and they'd already closed it to any more parking! But we managed to find another spot with access to the Karamac Trail, on the New Jersey side of the Delaware Water Gap area. The forest was loaded with ferns.

And blueberries, of which I ate many!

It reminded me of that kids' book, "Blueberries for Sal", which features a bear eating blueberries. And then... we saw a freakin' baby bear!!!

I managed to get a shot with him facing us, although not as close or as crisply focused as I would have liked.

As I was struggling to get a better shot, it occurred to us that Mama was probably nearby and not too happy with us. Sure enough, we heard a schnuffling sound on the other side of the trail, VERY close. We got a great look at her, but I did not get a picture because at that point we walked away as quickly as we could without running. Our hearts were racing!!

After our main hike, we took a much shorter hike to see the river.

We headed on to our next destination, taking in some sights along the way.

In the evening we set up camp at Camping on the Battenkill. What a great spot! Our site is within earshot of the river.

The water is so clear!