Summer Tour 2019: New Paltz to Marietta

This was a travel day, no gig. And, this is also the day the tour turned homeward bound. We drove about half the day to get from New Paltz, NY to Marietta, PA. There, we checked into our bed & breakfast, the B.F Hiestand House. This place is definitely more lavish than our usual accommodations, but the price at that time wasn't bad and we felt like treating ourselves. Here's a first glimpse of the place:

We went for a walk around the town, but Dacey returned to the house much sooner than I did. I insisted on staying out despite the impending storm. And as a result I got this picture of the storm rolling in, which I quite like:

I managed to make it back to the house before the sky opened up. We sat out on the expansive porch for quite awhile, watching the lighting and listening to the huge raindrops pelting down.

Later, after the storm passed, we went to get dinner at a little tavern called "Pig Iron". The town is pretty sleepy, and there are not many choices. The tavern had a plaque on the wall showing the high water mark from a flood back in the 70's. I think it was about 8 feet up. It was weird imagining the whole bar under water.