Summer Tour 2019: Flying Fish

The greatest thing about Sam's house is that it overlooks this lovely pond. The boat dock has seen better days, but I like its jaunty stance.


Here's a picture of me with Sam and his fabulous ex-wife Karin. So great to see her again after too many years!

After breakfast we went over to visit with Phronsie.

And then it was time to leave, and I had to get a picture with my Dad. Let's talk a bit about this picture. Why is there a random laundry basket in the background? Why did Dad insist on holding that foil-wrapped sandwich in front of us like some kind of centerpiece? Why is my hair so much worse than it was just an hour or so earlier? These are questions I can't answer.


And finally we have a picture of Dacey, on his bike with two days' worth of possessions somehow stuffed in that little rucksack, ready to head to the ferry.

And here he is again, in the distance, way ahead of me on the bike trail on the other side of Vineyard Sound, peddling away toward our van which was parked in Falmouth.

Then it was on to Wellfleet, where we had a gig at the Flying Fish Cafe.

The most memorable thing about this gig is that the guy living across the street complained that we were too loud, and we had to turn down so much that we might as well have just unplugged. We're an acoustic duo. FFS. Thankfully there was a couple there who boosted our spirits by saying they definitely wanted to book us for their club. They were sitting right in front of us, and THEY didn't think we were too loud. FFS.

After the gig, we went to Truro where we were staying overnight with our friends, the Peters.