Sunset Grill (Manakin, VA; Nov. 8)

Another hometown gig.  Sunset Grill was a new venue for us as a duo, but Dacey had played there before, awhile back, with the Acoustic River Rats.  

We had some friends in the audience, including Chris and Jolie who came up to play a few songs with us.  It was like the good ol' days with Haze & The Transients!  It's always so much fun to play with those guys.  Thanks to our pal Doug, we have a few pictures from the evening.  In one picture you can see that Dacey was playing the guitar, which he shouldn't have been doing with his fractured ringfinger...

At the end of the night, a man in the audience came up and said he hoped I'd consider learning to play "The night they drove old Dixie down."  Specifically, he wanted the Joni Mitchell version, not The Band version.  Except I think he must have meant Joan Baez, because a quick Google search turned up no hits for Joni but several for Joan. No promises that I'll do it, but here's the song: