Two-night stand at Beer Hound Brewery

We had a great little weekend getaway to Culpeper, VA.  Driving up route 522, you cannot beat the scenery.  So green, so beautiful.

Friday was our first time to play at the Beer Hound Brewery.  There was a bit of rain on the way there, but by the time we arrived it seemed the rain had passed and so we were able to play outside.  We had fun playing for an appreciative crowd.  At the end of the evening, we were asked to play the following night as well, because they'd had a last-minute cancellation.  Bonus!  

We had only packed for one night, so after breakfast on Saturday morning we rummaged through Goodwill to find some clothes to wear that night.  In the middle of the day, we managed to get in a ~4-mile hike at Buck Hollow.  It's a beautiful trail with lots of rocks and boulders, stream crossings, and wildflowers.  Then back to the brewery for a show time of 5 pm.

Manny's Tacos truck was on-site serving food both nights, and Manny himself graciously provided our dinner the second night.  He would have fed us the first night too, but we already had plans to eat out.  Thanks for the yummy taquitos, Manny!

Highlight of the weekend:  A little girl in a pretty dress, about six years old, who was enthralled by our music.  Before our third set on Saturday, she came up to ask if we were going to play again, and when we said we'd be back in a few minutes, she clapped her hands.  Then she said, with the utmost sincerity, "I really like you."  Melt.

Near the end of our last set, we had the inevitable "Freebird" request.  No.  We will never play "Freebird."  Ever.  Usually that request is a joke, but this guy REALLY seemed to want us to play it.  The answer is still no.

Someone else wanted us to play "Country Roads".  I initially said I don't know it well enough to play, but then after we finished the "official" set, I sat with her and her friends, unplugged, and we sang through it together.  I honestly have no clue about the verses, but I got the chords close enough that they could sing it, and then sang with them on the choruses.

Sunday morning, we got breakfast at the Country Cafe, then headed back towards Richmond.  Back to the work-week.