Whirlwind Tour, Day 3: Woodland Pond

After a latish breakfast with my dad at the Main Street Bistro, Dacey and I went over to Woodland Pond to visit with his parents, and to set up for the special concert we would be playing mid-afternoon.

The concert was in the "Great Room" upstairs, and we had to strap most stuff onto a cart to wheel it in and bring it up in the elevator.  In hindsight, we should not have been quite so gung-ho with the tight bungie cords.  When I opened my piano case, I found this weird little white plastic piece, which to my horror turned out to be a broken key!  

Thankfully, a bit of blue painter's tape (which I always have in my music supplies, 'cause ya never know when you might need it) is enough to hold it together until I can get it fixed.  Yes, I can actually still play that high D.

We had never played in a retirement community/nursing home before, and had no idea what to expect from this concert.  Would people show up?  Would they like the music?  The activities coordinator told us we should not take it personally if some people fell asleep!  She also warned us that we might hear some beeping noises from people signaling that they wanted assistance with getting out of their wheelchairs or something.

Well, it turned out to be a blast.  The room was packed with about 70 people over 70 years old.  Dacey's parents and sister were there, as was my father, and we billed the show as a belated Father's Day event.  Our oldies songs like "Wake Up Little Suzie", "Gone gone gone", and "I'm a Believer" were a big hit, and I could see several folks singing along.  One lady got right up and sashayed a little dance down the aisle, and as far as I could tell, no one fell asleep.  Lots of people came up to us after the one-hour show to tell us how much they had enjoyed it.  It is a great joy to bring joy to others through music, and this show was a highlight of my entire musical career.

After breaking down our equipment and packing up the car, Dacey and I split up so he could visit with his sister and I could visit with my Dad.  Dad and I went for a walk on the Walkway Over The Hudson.

We met up with Dacey's family again for dinner at Shea O'Brien's.  After that Dacey went back to his sister's house, while Dad and I went to see Maleficent.  Not the world's greatest movie by a long shot, but entertaining nonetheless.  (I'm not sure Dad would agree that it was at all entertaining).