White Dog Bistro (Mathews, VA)

It was a perfect night for playing outside, clear and calm with a hint of the chill of fall.  The White Dog Bistro has a fairly spacious outdoor patio, and it was just about full of people eating dinner when we arrived.  

As we were setting up, one of my Naked Songs alumni, Steve Fisher, came up to say hi.  What a surprise to see someone I knew from Richmond!  He was there with some friends helping Doug Austin celebrate his birthday.  I had not met Doug before, but he plays mandolin with the Richmond band Blue Line Highway.  He was psyched that we covered the Railroad Earth song "Bird in the House".

setup friends

The first set was a whole lot of fun.  The patio stayed full, people were bobbing their heads, and a few little kids got up to dance with their parents.  (There was some exuberant screaming during one of the quieter ballads, too, but it's all good.)

The crowd thinned out considerably during the second set, as the owner had predicted when he asked us to start and end an hour earlier than originally scheduled.  Apparently people there turn into pumpkins at 10:30.  But the second set was fun anyway, as we had a more intimate interaction with the folks remaining towards the end.  One couple had heard us from out in the alley and decided to come see us, which we appreciate!