WTJU and Blue Mountain Barrel House

Cville Market

We got up early for a Saturday morning, since we were scheduled to play live on the radio at WTJU 91.1 FM, Charlottesville.

Once a month, the Atlantic Weekly show airs from the Charlottesville City Market.  The radio folks had a little station set up amongst all the vendors.  We played completely unplugged; they just had some condensor mics in front of us.  We had a bit of a hard time hearing ourselves, but managed to do okay I think.  Click here to listen to an excerpt from our segment.

After the radio show, we wandered around and took in the sights at the Market.  It was a-bustlin'!  We picked up a few items then went to have lunch on the downtown Mall.  A young guy was busking somewhat close to our table, covering lots of songs I like -- Decemberists, Simon & Garfunkel, etc.  I tried to get him to sing the "June Hymn" duet with me, but he said he didn't know all the words.

From there we got back on the road to head to the Blue Mountain Barrel House, where we had a gig starting at 3:30.  bugsWe had a little bit of time to kill when we got there, so we walked around looking at plants and bugs.   We saw this bizarre flying insect that looked like a miniature mashup of a hummingbird and a lobster.  I tried and tried to get a decent picture but failed.  I did, however, get a crappy picture that was enough for the local bug guru, Art Evans, to identify it as a "Hummingbird Clearwing".  I also got a pretty damn good picture of a writing spider, considering all I had was my cell phone.

The musician playing before us was Gary Randal.  I enjoyed his cover tunes and style so, while he was packing up, I invited him to play at my next Naked Songs showcase in September.  He accepted, and I am looking forward to hearing his original music.

The audience at the Barrel House was rather sparse, but very appreciative.  There was a big beer festival going on nearby, so I'm sure that had something to do with it.  Hopefully people start coming out to the Barrel House shows more, because it's a nice place to play and they have different musicians every weekend.barrels