Kirsten "Haze" Hazler

With a voice sometimes silken and sometimes sassy, Haze sings stories of good intentions, messy entanglements, and ditched resolutions… of guilt and forgiveness… of sweet-talking boys and tortured, troubled men… of beautiful broken women and the girls they used to be.  

She is inspired by songwriters like Patty Griffin, Kathleen Edwards, and Joni Mitchell, interspersing their music with her own original compositions.  Based in Richmond, Virginia, Haze performs most frequently as half of the duo known as "Haze & Dacey". 

Haze has written a series of songs based on "The Handmaids Tale", both the original novel by Margaret Atwood and the Hulu television series of the same name. These songs will be compiled in an album titled "Letters from Gilead", intended for release sometime in 2021.

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Songwriting Scrapbook

Songwriting Scrapbook

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